August 16 – Main Street, Yorba Linda

GH & The SBBB will be taking over Main Street Restaurant in Yorba Linda, CA, on Friday, August 16th…

This very well may fill up, so get there early and/or make reservations. All the details are in the flyer below.

See ya there!


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  • I will be there iam just down in SAN DIEGO. Its great your album is doing so well!

  • Love your music but the name doesn’t do justice to your group! Maybe Griff Hamlin and The Double Barrel Blues Band, but really that doesn’t do justice more like Griff Hamlin And The Blues Masters Band! Wish I could come to the show but I’m in Tennessee living on a very tight budget later Blues Masters! 😎💨

  • Herman McDonough on

    wish you luck (which you really don’t need) wish I could be there Mac

  • Hi GRIFF.

    Thanks mate I see you and your band group are enjoying your self and keeping every one on there feet and give my regrade to lovely wife and to your two little Marathon champion aahah yes I beat they do love there jogging & running yes started when i was 9 years and had done al of life at most and had to stop that is because of my fighting Injustice conspiracy & their jealously for this I do really miss it all this has cause me from being active by getting there witch doctors to completely wreck my healthy life style and I think I had told you about my bushfires & drought discovery and THERE INTERFERENCES ? And I have been link up on Webinar with Bill Glazer & he’s daughter Mara and Rob Cuesta and Griff you and very busy with your music and it well be good to listen to you Facebook and I well be lodging in and I’ll well l keeping an eye out for it and so keep up the Good Work Champ.

    Best Regards from; Neil J FRASER
    5; 17th/08/2019.

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